Wedding Hacks When Planning For Your Clearwater, FL Venues

Wedding Venue Hacks and Tips

In order for things not to spin out of control, make sure that you are on top of the game by being in charge. Having a planner is another story especially if you have the luxury in budget. However, not all couples do have a lot of cash so planning your wedding venues personally is the best option. Here in Clearwater, FL, you will not run out of options because there are literally tons of choices.

Perks with your credit cards. If you know that you are going to book a venue for your wedding very soon, make sure that you give yourself thumbs up or leverage by getting credit cards with wedding venue perks. There are a lot of cards here in the US that offers points especially for premium venues. If you spend a lot of money, spend it using these cards so you’ll get points that will go to your venue. 

Seating plan shared on Dropbox or Google Drive. One of the craziest things when planning for the wedding venue is the seat. Surely, you are going to invite a lot of friends and family members. By planning seat chart and sharing it to your friends and family members, they can check where they are seated ahead of time. If they don’t like the seating arrangement, they will tell you ahead of time. This is one of the many ways to avoid sparking feud in between in laws, friends or family members that are not in good terms.  

Do not serve drinks in the venue when it is still early. Do you want to save? If yes then you should implement this in your wedding venue. Most couples feel like they are spending a lot on drinks. In all honesty, drink/beverage is one of the most expensive parts of wedding planning. Wine and other beverages are not really friendly to your wallet so as much as possible you should moderate them properly. As per the professional wedding planners’ advice, it is best not to serve drinks earlier in the day. Aside from that reason, you don’t want your guests to feel dehydrated and tired when it is time to take photos. Only serve your guests wine or champagne when the event is almost in the end.

Block booking is also helpful especially when the venue is far or out of the city. This is an essential part of wedding venue planning. When you invite guests to travel long hours or to fly to your city for the wedding, you should prepare them rooms to stay in overnight or for a few days. By block booking the venue hotel, you are ensuring that your guests will have a place to stay. 

For more information about Clearwater, FL wedding venues, please check references and local wedding listings. There is no question to your interest in this matter. Large number of online articles cover this subject. Having said that, the list of authentic sources though is very short. You need to visit if you want to enrich your knowledge in this area.